Why Did I have to Open Pandora’s Box?

My mother once told me, “There are things that you really don’t have to know.”

Did I listen when I wanted to know my themes? No, I just kept digging until I knew. And that same “why” is wanting to know “why” those themes. Too bad I can’t plug my brain to make the thoughts stop.

But…my psyche whispers back the answers.

Are there things you didn’t want to know about yourself? (HeeHee, I’m infecting you.)


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What I Did Today

Feels like the good ol days of complete insanity.

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I Want to be Loribelle Hunt When I Grow Up

As usual I’m angsting on the phone about my writing career to this fabulous woman. I have a not so secret crush on her and her Georgian accent. I soooo want to be southern after talking to her. It’s kind of pitifull.

Anyway, she asked me what are my books about. I couldn’t answer. Never really thought of my stories being about something outside of boy meets girl. The purpose is to get over myself so I can write in other genres if I wanted to, because no matter the window dressing (genre or sub-genre) authors retell the same stories.

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Uh, Universe, Thanks I got the Memo

Have a lot of blog posts been cropping up saying you have to up your game. Or is it just me?

If it’s just me then Universe I got the memo. I’m doing just that, hence the year of the writer. It can also just mean I need to get my sorry tail off the internet.

So, how do I know I’m doing this?

Well, I’m not the same writer I was three years ago. Heck, I’m not the same writer I was a year ago. I still don’t know when to cut, but I do know I get there eventually. I never used to do that. I used to guard my words like they were precious jewels. Here’s the thing about precious jewels, when they first come out of the ground they are old, crusty rocks. No one would wear that first phase even if you paid them. That old, crusty rock is then cut and shaped into what we see today. Yeah, think about it, people throw away diamond, ruby, emerald dust that is useless. It’s then inspected by other individuals and a price tag is slapped on it, but what you get out of that old, crusty rock is worth something. You look at the beautiful piece of jewerly and never think about what it looked like before it got to you.

I didn’t know that. I had blinders on in which I believe my WIPs were already jewels. I didn’t toss away nothing. Worse, I tried to sell that old crusty rock to people.

Oh, the shame.

The main lesson I’ve learned, publishing isn’t going anywhere. No time soon at least. And, why not take my time to cut and shape that worthless piece of rock into something someone would actually want to own. The better question is why wouldn’t every writer?

Patience is one. Timing is another. And, having the tools to do it is really the challenge for me.

So, today’s question: Did you get the memo?

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That’s It, I’m Writing A Paranormal-Futuristic-Interracial-Erotic Romance

So here’s the pitch:

One day my heroine is walking in the woods when a werewolf jumps from behind a redwood and bites her. She starts having these strange, erotic dreams where she turns all furry and has hot fangy sex with a strange wild animal. This wild animal has white fur compared her to black fur.

By the end of the week, she starts to sniff the men around her, and that’s when she realizes “I’m in heat”. She decides to visit the mad scientist on the edge of town. He tells her he can help.

He sends her into space. Her craft lands on a strange planet where–you’ve guessed it–werewolves live. All shades of fur, but then she sees the one she’s been having erotic dreams about. She knows his scent and knows she must mate. Now.

They do. She ends up expecting and they live happily ever after.


No, I haven’t fallen off my rocker. I read this blog post about what’s really selling, at least at Samhain. I figured I’d give you an example of what not to do just to sell.

BUT, if you do find yourself with a story you are passionate about it won’t hurt…

April 14, 2009 at 5:33 am 14 comments

What is Sexual Tension?

The best romance, my favorite, your favorite has it. It’s intangible. It’s the one thing you can’t touch, but you know it when you see it. Right now I’m trying to live in it. I’m trying to think how does sexual tension work. What is the best way for me to describe it.

I can and I have, but I still need inspiration. I found this and boy can I tell you this is IT:

You may go take a cold shower now.

April 11, 2009 at 4:36 am 6 comments

How Different are Men and Women, Really?

First go check out Southern Fried Chicas, just to see the picture of the baby.

Anyway, I was on Divas and found a thread in the men’s section. It’s the section where you can ask men something and they reply. In this particular thread a fellow diva wanted to know do men agonize over when and why they should have sex. The answers surprised me. Yes, in fact some men don’t just think with their tool alone. The best example I read referred to how some women do agonize v. some women who don’t.

It made perfect sense and got me thinking, even though it was early in the morning, how far stereotypes Men are From Mars and Women from Venus have gone. Of course the double standard is that men can be whores and women can’t. At least without ridicule or some helpful person suggesting that a woman who sleeps around were abused as a young child.

Do you believe in these stereotypes or have you actually witnessed exceptions?

April 9, 2009 at 4:02 pm 1 comment

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