Confessions of a Romance Author: Writer Crazy Edition

March 27, 2009 at 5:46 pm Leave a comment

I don’t know how long since I last confessed. It just felt time to do so.


This here post are for the readers out there who thinks there favorite writer is sane. I’m sorry to inform you, we, as a whole, are not. Here’s a list of examples:

1. Everyone daydreams…Writers can get lost in a daydream. Depending on the thought or character we can start to cry out of no where. It can be in our car, waiting in line at the grocery store, or at the doctor’s office. We can also laugh at the oddest times. Just ask my children.

2. Okay, let’s just say it, we spend hours of our free time with imaginary people. Doctor’s prescribe drugs for this. 

3.  We hear these imaginary people in our heads, talking to us or to other characters.

4. To piggy back off of number 3…You may not be aware fo the whole crazy rule when it comes to talking to yourself. Well, the old adage is that you aren’t crazy if you don’t argue back. I and many other writers argue with those “voices” back. Ex:

Character: I’m not doing that.

Writer: Yes, you are. I have it written down in the synopsis that you are supposed to do this in this chapter.

Character: No. Not doing it. You can’t make me.

Writer: I will you off.

Character: Ha. You can’t I’m the heroine of this story. You kill me, end of story, literally.

Writer: You are doing it.

Character: Fine. I just won’t talk to you anymore.

Writer: Fine.

….five days later. Writer grovels and apologizes to character.

Character: Look’s like someone couldn’t get their word count.

Writer: No need to get on your high horse.

Yes, writer crazy.

5. The last example should be proof enough, but lets continue…We lie to ourselves all the time. Now the type of lie is contingent on where we are at in the writing process. I know for me during the first draft of any story I tell myself I am the greatest writer who has ever walked the Earth. It’s complete rubbish, but it’s the lie I tell myself to get to the end. The funny thing here is that I don’t read what I’ve already written. I don’t let myself do that ’cause reality will set in that I am not the greatest writer that in fact what I’ve been slaving over is craptastic at best. If I let myself think about the market, heck just about the amount of revisions I’ll have to do none of my stories will ever get written.

The other types of lies is that I will get published. No one knows this. We just have a hope that we will get published.The cold hard reality is that there are thousands of writers out there and less than a fourth of those writers will see their work in print. This never crosses our minds. Okay, sometimes when we have the “I suck” mantra going, but most times we are in LaLa land.

This last one is pretty much a whooper full of crazy. But, of course there is one, without this crazy I wouldn’t have a single book on my shelf. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to lose myself in someone else’s world. So writer’s keep your crazy.

Wanna add some in the comments? Go ahead.


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