Procrastinating, but It’s for a Good Cause

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“Oh, poor you, finding out your family is cool, in a straightjacket sort of way.” ~ Lynne Kelley, See Megan Run

I’m re-writing my first chapter with the idea in mind to get ‘Lynne’ across in the first page. Not an easy task by any means. It involves showing instead of telling, and even after 8 books I still have trouble with that.

Anyway, to help me *coughprocrastinatecough* study I decided to re-read her parts in SMR. Lynne had the best lines hands down. I’m no longer wondering why I needed to write her story. Now, to make sure I really wasn’t farting around, I went in search of a scene that’s going to be the essence of Lynne for her own story. It was hard, but I believe these two nail her down. 

The first time Lynne sees Aiden:

“Oh, my god. Hottie. One o’clock. No, don’t stare; you might scare him away,” Lynne added quickly. “He’s mine.”

Megan chuckled and stared without seeming to stare, then her breath caught in her throat. Her hands stopped mid-fold. “It’s Aiden.”

“What?” Lynne gasped. “You’ve been alone with him and you don’t jump his bones every single time?” Lynne grabbed the shirt from Megan’s hands. “You’re insane. I believe you now. Your mother did something to you that is irrevocable. You need therapy.” Lynne made a sound of disgust. “Let a man like that chase me, and I swear, for the love of God, he’d be naked every minute of the day.”

Lynne pushed her from behind the counter. “Go get him, and bring him over here.” Lynne sighed. “Oh, and he looks lost. I love it when men look lost.” She clutched the shirt to her chest. “You’re insane.”

This scene just makes me want to say, “So, tell me what you really think?”

This woman doesn’t mince words and, you know, she’s funny. I’m in hog heaven. Now this last scene rounds it off for me at least. With all her snark, wit, and honesty her heart is always in the right place. You may not like how she tells you, but she’s telling you the truth. She’s observant. She treats life like its a bull and she’s down and ready to ride it. Everyone around her should do the same, of course. Lastly, which helps me write the sex scenes, she’s not scared of her sexuality.

Lynne has arrived to go to a wedding:

Megan was fixing the strap on her ankle when someone knocked on her door. She looked up, and her mouth fell open. Lynne posed. The cream satin dress fit perfectly. The red sash under her breasts elongated her waist and made her petite frame look sexy. Her hair held no highlights. It might have been the color God had given Lynne, but Megan couldn’t be sure since she’d never seen it a natural color. It was coiffed and curled, not spiked. “Well, I’ll be.”

“I have a workaholic boss who makes me work all the time. I figured this would be the one time I could dress up. From your expression, I’m guessing I look damn good.”

Megan smiled. “I can’t wait for you to meet Uncle Butch. The old man is going to try to take you home.”

“Isn’t that Aiden’s sex-crazed uncle?”

“You were listening.” Her smiled widened when Lynne rolled her eyes.

“I listen to everything you say and don’t say. Oh, and Jane said for you to get your butt downstairs. I think I like her.”


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