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10 Books You Should Read Before You Die

“Giving Good Book One Story At A Time… Copywritten by the year of the Nutty Butter”


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If I were to Ever Forsake Writing and Live a Life of Crime

I’d rob an Office Depot. Laugh now, but just wait until I’m swimming in a sea of neon-orange post-its.

So, question: If you weren’t doing what you were doing now, what would it be?

January 22, 2009 at 7:51 am 12 comments

The One Thing I Missed While Writing a Young Adult


I don’t know about other romance writers, but I have to remember what it’s like to feel sexually attracted to someone. Lynne has to tap into this primal feeling which means I have to get in the mood to write in this way.

What do I do?

This never fails me:

January 21, 2009 at 4:34 am 4 comments

By Now You Should Have The Very Sad News

I lost YA Magic in the crash. Yeah, the book I slaved over during NaNo. Yup, I’m pissed and sad. Yup, I’m thinking about buying a very large bottle of wine to drown my sorrows in. But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Lets talk about when is a book worth re-writing.

As some of you recall I dreamt this book right before NaNo. The idea wouldn’t leave me alone, and I was bombarded with details. I had to write this story for the reason the idea was beyond cool. Now what I didn’t expect was how much I learned from writing this book. A fantasy, a YA fantasy, no less was way out of my comfort zone.  At least to myself I’ve wanted to stretch my writing wings.  I also wanted to know if I could write 50k in a month.

I now know this, but is the story worth re-writing? *Let me make a list*

1. I already have an idea and plot for a second book in this series.

2. I have A LOT of notes while I was writing this book. The notes include the rules of the world, actual scenes, turning points, and a cast list.

3. I believe I know these characters enough to flesh them out.

4. I was going to re-write a lot anyway during the revision process, anyway.

5. I’m stubborn and the thought of just letting this book go because of computer issues feels like giving up.

5. I love this book and it still won’t let me go.

This last reason is enough for me to pull up my big girl panties and write this story again. I’ve only re-written one other book before, and that was my first book. The set of facts were completely different, but the bottom line is that I loved that book, I believed in that book enough to re-write it.

Funny I don’t think non-writers could understand how much goes into writing a book. It’s much more than putting words on the page.  Cian and Jalani are real to me. Right now it just feels like I pushed pause on the story that they want to tell. They deserve to have their story.  But first, Lynne’s story. She’s been waiting long enough.

Oh, and this is all I have left of the story *sob, I tried to be brave, but….*: 

“Are you levitating me or am I doing it?”

“You’re doing it, I’m just giving you the extra boost.” She started to ease off the boost, but he stayed leveled. She smiled down at him. “So, Superboy, how does it feel?”

He placed his hands behind his head and smirked. “Not bad. This is pretty cool.”

She eased off all her powers and he dropped an inch and then fell to the pillows when the spurt of fear took over what he had been doing naturally. She sighed. “Well, I wouldn’t buy a cape just yet.

January 19, 2009 at 8:36 pm 8 comments

My Computer Flipped Me the Birdie

Hence my prologued silence. First it started with my internet acting wonky. Then I had to restart my computer every time I wanted a connection. That lasted for 20 minutes of pure Internet bliss.

And, that’s when it happened, my computer wouldn’t start up like it used to. I did what would give any computer geek an attack–I repeatedly hit the power button. It finally dawned on me I should save all my important docs, if not my programs and restore my WHOLE FREAKING SYSTEM. After 14 hours…

Now I’m pretty much crossing my fingers it worked. So if you don’t hear from me…my computer, once again, has flipped me the birdie.

January 18, 2009 at 5:40 am 8 comments

An 11 Day Break and I’m Already a Wimp

Today was my first day back at the rat race. It’s 6:32 and it feels like someone beat me with a dead horse.  How in the hell did I do it all day every day. A 40 hour week job. Two kids. Writing. School.

I’m buying me a tranquilizer gun and shooting myself with it.

January 13, 2009 at 4:03 am 3 comments

Tapping Into the Honest Part of Me, Part Tres

So, after all this time it dawned on me, I want to write fluff when it comes to my contemporary romance.  Well, fluff that covers up deep issues. I want to pull in my reader with the laughter and do an upper-cut with emotions. I want to write books heavy with dialogue, but when I write that stuff in between I don’t want it to just be window dressing.

Basically I want to be a romance author. Who writes the funny well. Writing funny is hard as hell. For me at least I have to be in a dark mood to get the snark just right. Again, for me, when times get rough I don’t get woe is me, I get funny as hell. Make you pee in your pants funny. I want my writing to be funnier than me in real life. I seem to can’t get past that I need to be open when I write. Literally, I put up a guard when I sit down to write.  It’s thin, but it’s there. And that thin barrier keeps me from writing the things that are truly funny.  I second guess the spur of the moment funny, poignant, life-changing for myself and the character. All for fear that the reader won’t like it. That the true me will be rejected.

Now if that’s not honest I don’t know what. I’m finally getting to the point in my life where I’m liking the me I’ve turned out to be.  I’m pretty cynical, nit-picky , it takes a lot to impress ME. So why is it so hard for me to believe the average Jane won’t like the real me that I can put in my books? Or more to the point, why am I putting that same “maybe they won’t like you” personality cap on my characters?

The fact is it circles right back to me. I give every character a piece of myself. Sooner or later those pieces could probably make up Melissa.  Talk about a writing block inducing fear.

But, ya know, I’m going to tell myself no one will ever read this book, so who gives a flying fig. Probably will end up being the best book I’ve written. Might be the worse, but it’s the leap of faith that matters the most here.

Have you taken a leap of faith lately?

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