The Makings of a Query

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Note: I went to school to become a secretary


(2 spaces)

Literary Agency or Publisher’s Name

Address and such

(2 spaces)

Dear Agent/Editor(,) or (:) (greeting)

(2 spaces)

*Now this is where things get sticky, because you can start off your letter in a million ways and it really comes down to preference*

Story Hook: Phoenix Lyons doesn’t believe in fate.


Introduction of story: I SAID NEVER is a 76k word novel about…


Introduction of self: My name is Melissa Blue and I’m currently a member of…

*I prefer the story hook*

Next is the Blurb of your story.

Last, if you can give your writing credits. Personally I prefer to tell the agent/editor the type of stuff I write. I believe this little paragraph gives the agent/editor a heads up of what to expect. If they absolutely hate these authors I’d rather get the rejection now then later. *you know once my hopes are up.*

Now once I have this rough draft, I cry and whine and tell myself the world is coming to an end. There is no way an agent/editor will like this. Or my favorite is that I have to cut out spaces because I’ve rambled on too long. Or I sound too much like a crest commercial.

So, what do I do?

I revise and rewrite this letter a hundred times. Until my story is summed up with the main conflict and plot. But if that doesn’t ring any bells for you think Goal, Motivation, Conflict and you have your blurb. *It did for me when one of my writing associates pointed out that is how she wrote her queries. I think her idea is brilliant*

Hope that is now clear as mud. If your head hurts just hit the chocolate aisle.


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