September 3, 2008 at 1:04 am 4 comments


I’m in the state of mind to get ready for the digital release of See Megan Run. I have in mind to write another press release and send it to my local newspaper, along with the local African American newspaper.

But what it really comes down to is whether not what I decide to do will reach my potential readers. And is my book interesting enough to get them to even read the excerpt. Or do I just concentrate on what draws my current readers to me. For instance Karen Marie Moning has a podcast/reading of her first book out of the Fever series. I’ve never seen that done before. It’s free, mind you. Now I’m already her reader. I’d already planned to buy Faefever, the next book in the series. But will I still listen to the free podcast of her first book? Yes.

Now let’s cover what I do know about promotion*don’t blink. You might miss it.*:

1. Promotion can be like a black hole for time and resources.

2. Websites are very, very handy.

3. Asking friends to pimp you can leave you feeling squishy, but that’s what friends are for….

4. It can only be a coicidence that after I do yahoo loops that I get a lot of hits on my website.

5. I’ll probably never get bookmarks and business cards made. I think I’ll settle for book plates. As soon as I find out what those are…

6. Promotion is beyond me.

But do expect another contest, starting Oct. 1st. Of course it involves you my dear readers pimping me or finding the answers to weird questions I have i.e. Trivia. I love trivia hopefully you do to.

Outside of that reference to number 6 to get why this post is pure rambling.


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  • 1. Slave Driver  |  September 3, 2008 at 1:32 am

    You know I would be happy to pimp for you any way I can. For instance you could be a featured guest on my carriage driving blog, except most people I talk about on that I’m mocking or picking on so maybe you want to choose a different path…

  • 2. Melissa Blue  |  September 3, 2008 at 1:36 am

    Lol. I’m up for a little roast. Geez, my head can barely make through the door sometimes. 😉

  • 3. Edie  |  September 3, 2008 at 1:56 am

    Good luck! The one thing I’m not looking forward to doing when I’m published is promotion. But it’s something every writer I know does.

  • 4. Melissa Blue  |  September 3, 2008 at 2:05 am

    It’s a necessary evil and you never know what works. My main point is get name recognition. That way at least a person who might be my reader will eventually pick up my book.

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