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I don’t think I ever told ya’ll how I came across the idea for SEE MEGAN RUN, formerly known as OVERWORKED AND UNDERLAID. (god, I still love that title). I believed it was in 2007 (or 2006) that I used to walk around with a notebook. I’d put story ideas in it. I’d work on description and moving character’s around a room. (which I still have trouble with.) But one day I got the idea for a woman to go home only to get the news her mother is going to sell her deceased father’s home. If that wasn’t bad enough before the end of chapter 3 she runs into her ex-boyfriend. I had three full chapters.

Of course I lost that damn notebook with beautiful description and the character’s moved gracefully and the dialogue was witty and the character’s leap off the page they felt so realistic. (Okay, things get better with faulty memories.) Then I forgot the idea. I went on to write The Book From Hell (PROTECTING DELLA, that is still rotting on my hardrive.) I even went on to write I SAID NEVER. (Now that book I absolutely love. The same one that I want Beta Readers, hint, hint, hint)

But that’s not the point of this post. I’d been living with that fabulous memory of a book. The characters must have been waiting for me to finish ISN, because one day I got this first line, “Half down the driveway to the home she grew up in Megan said to her assistant manager, “Think Mommie Dearest minus the wire hanger.”

That’s the best first line I’ve written to date. I started that book in September (technically, unless you count the year I wrote and then lost the first three chapters.) and finished it at the end of November.

So…I wrote all this to say I’m loving my book again. The jury is still out over the cover.

p.s. If you came over from the Wild Rose Press blog. Sorry. Scroll down, you’ll find funny there.


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