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Still braindead, but am reading through the story. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I’ll let you guys knows. Anyway, 4 months later and I’ve finally download the pics from my camera. Here’s some, enjoy:(I uploaded them backwards so you’ll get the end of the trip first.)

Beth and I right after the Rita’s. Lovely woman and I’d been looking for her since day one of the trip. We didn’t see each other until Saturday.

Patricia Gaffney and La Nora at La Nora’s Chat. Right before this I got to talk to her. I’m just glad she didn’t call hotel security on me.

Michelle Willingham, Olivia Gates, Jenna Bayley-Burke, Fiona Harper, Trish Wylie, and that’s all the people I can remember.

Jane and the woman who brought Tarzan to the Harlequin P.J. Party

Trish Wylie (with the book where the man’s eyes follow you) and Jenna Bayley-Burke, and Ft.WorthMom (the one with her head cut off)

Me Stalking La Nora

Me Stalking La Nora

Me Stalking La Nora again, and still at the Literacy Signing

Cherries: Eileen, co-author of Unfortunate Miss Fortunes(left) and Julie. Soon after this she got into a discussion with an attorney at the bar about what romance really is. She set him straight that Nicholas Sparks does not write romance.

My Room where I could use the john and watch t.v. at the same time.

Infamous Cherry Flask

The much more infamous swan

Well, her book is right there with her name on it.

Michelle Willingham, eharlequin friend, who by now she have had her baby

So star struck one eye closed. For those who don’t know. Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

This was the tunnel that lead from the train station straight to the Hyatt. The first day I walked all the way from my hotel (about 3 very long, hot, humid, city blocks, under the train overpass, to the Hyatt.) when I came back to my hotel drenched in sweat. The people at the front desk told me, “You could have took the tunnel.” The tunnel was air condioned. My trip got better from there.

The Hyatt where I wasn’t staying because I took too long to book my hotel room. (In February!!!)

Biggest Cup of Joe you’ll ever see

The revolving ball

Only in Las Vegas would they make sure slot machines are in the airport.

Another tunnel like picture, but the beginning of the best time of my life. Fresno, CA airport. I am so going to San Fran


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