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My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Countess Melissa the Eerie of Greater Sodbury
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I found this on Mel-O-Drama. Look her up. We have the same first name so of course she gets kool-aid points in my book.

Anyway, on to TV. I watch it in a vague sense. For me most times it’s background noise when I’m reading or doing my homework. When I’m cleaning house I turn on the music channel. If Scrubs or Futurma is on I sit down to have a laugh, but I really don’t watch it.

Of course there is a but.

Until I saw SAVING GRACE. I love this show. LOVE IT. It’s like a tingle beneath my skin when this show comes on. Can I please write a character like her. The writers of that show are geniuses. They got me to watch something religiously. To be honest my thing is if I can’t see it from the beginning to end and get all the answers right that second, then I don’t want to watch it. I think it comes from reading books. If I lose a little bit of sleep I can get all the answer the book has brought up. Spoiled, I know.

To further argue my case. I watched one show of Sex in the City. Then stopped watching it until the very last show. Then I went and bought the DVD’s to watch it from beginning to end to get the whole story. From that one show I knew I’d be addicted and one season ending like a cliff hanger wouldn’t be enough. I like THE CLOSER, LAW AND ORDER (all varities) CSI, but I don’t watch them like my life depends on the next episode. Strange, I know, but that’s me.

But SAVING GRACE has got me. Dammit. Now I’ll be staying up every Monday until 11 o’clock to get my fix of this character and her life. I want to know if she’ll ever get redemption. I want to know if her best friend will see Earl and know who he is. I want to know how does this story fit into the man on death row. Will she ever break it off with the married guy. Please the writers if you have telepathy, don’t break character, because you’ll lose me faster than a guy I’m dating telling me he has 10 kids, outside, waiting to meet me.

*sigh* One part of me will watch this show for the character and her story and how it’ll unfold, because I can not stop watching it. And the writer in me will watch the show for the character and how’ll she’ll arc and to learn some major lessons on what it means to HAVE CHARACTER. I swear it’s like having Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde agreeing on a point. A strange paradox isn’t it? Again I sigh. I love this show. Only authors make me feel this way and it’s a great feeling.

What TV shows are you addicted to?


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