August 10, 2007 at 4:40 pm 1 comment

This post may sound whiny so skip it if you are not in the mood.

Well, I have a day job that I’m beginning to absolutely despise. Is it my co-workers? Not really. Some do make me wonder if they’ve had a lobotomy in the past three years, but not intolerable. The resentment stems from the fact I know what I’m doing right now is not want to do for the rest of my life. I know one day I’m going to smile when I give them my resignation. I’m going to skip off the property and never look back.

I want that to happen today, right now, so I can go home and write my little heart out. Write until I have carpal tunnel and have to dictate my novels and if I lose my voice I will find a world renowned mind reader to get my stories on paper.

I know people say that writing is not very lucrative unless you’re a best seller. I just want to make enough to cover my bills and allow me to take a vacation once a year. All this could just be me feeling restless, and exhausted at having to wake up every morning and deal with people who are stuck in a rut.

I guess this is what some people mean by protecting your writing. I need to step up and protect it from the zombie like existence I call working.

So the question: How do you protect your creativity from your day job?


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  • 1. Tracy Cooper-Posey  |  June 17, 2008 at 4:10 pm


    You’re not alone – not by a long chalk. Most published fiction authors are holding down day jobs, and they resent it as much as you do. I don’t think you’re being whiny, by the way. What you’re going through is a perfectly normal downswing in the life of an author with a day job.

    But there are ways to leverage your day job to help your writing career thrive, and to get to quitting the day job faster. It’s hard work, and takes commitment, but it’s a much better chance of making it than waiting around for lady luck to tap you on the shoulder.

    Please swing by my blog and take a look. The whole site is devoted to fiction writers with day jobs, and there’s a ton of information there you might find useful.



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