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Every since I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince I’ ve been waiting for this book. It came in the mail and you should have seen me arm wrestling the package out of my mail box. I didn’t give up, I gritted my teeth and tried to maneuver the large book out of my 4 by 10 inch mail box(it looks to be a 5 by 8 book.) I would not be stopped. Yes, I’m talking about the last Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My heart is in my chest as I read this book. I’m on page 67 and someone near and dear has already died.

This series, this book is why I write. I have everything invested in me that my favorite characters live. Hermione, the book smart girl (She loves books so she must live in my world) always dependable Ron. I love Ron, he was there from the start. Hagrid, the bumbling lovable character. He has to live. Please dear God let them live. Again this is why I write books. I want to give my readers this feeling. In my head I know they are not real but still.

This book is the reason why I’ve not only met my goal of 1250k words a day but over and beyond. I know I won’t sleep too because I’ll be reading these 750 some pages to know how it all ends.

J.K. Rowling you are my inspiration.

Bless the Girls in the Basement for giving you this story idea. In about 24 hrs I can tell you how the ending make me feel. From now on I know I need to keep tissues handy and I don’t usually cry from books. THIS IS WHY I WRITE.

Sorry if nothing in this post makes sense. I’m typing about 100 words per minute just to get back to this book. Just needed to let you guys know. This is what writing is about. I’m sharing this roller coaster ride with millions of other readers and I can guarantee tomorrow there will be a million responses from exhausted readers who didn’t get any sleep just so that they could get to THE END.

I must go. I must read. And again THIS IS WHY I WRITE.


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