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It’s funny how you have moments in your life where everything seems so clear and you feel like a dunce for not seeing the connection before. Well I had one those while sitting in a workshop. The words that triggered it were so simple.

A little back story. I’ve written three novels in a span of three years. Each one I’ve learned something about my writing, about myself honestly. But I knew I wasn’t doing it right. My characters would be knee deep in their past trying to fix it to go forward and I knew that wasn’t how it was done. I’ve read many books were the character’s past might have been mentioned but they were still dealing with it on another elemental level.

Now about three weeks ago I got a little insight into myself. I started to understand why some things could just piss me off and I’d see red and other things just might get a shoulder shrug. Very enlightening. So when Robin Perrini(sp?) said (paraphrased) have your characters at each turning point make them feel like they are vulnerable, have them experience the one thing they never want to feel like again, light bulbs turned on, the clouds parted and that heavenly chorus music sounded in my ears.


So now I’m really looking at my characters. I’m digging deep into their psyches to find out what is the one thing they fear the most. Is it being abandoned, that feeling of being alone in the world and every one is against you. If that’s it I’m going to have to throw that at them in the turning points and they’ll react in a way that will make the situation worst because they don’t have their wits about (the normal reaction to fear is losing IQ points and common sense), and then when they confront their fear at the black moment it’ll all come into the place. Making the HEA believable.


You have got to love epiphanies.


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