NORA ROBERTS: a conference wrap-up

July 15, 2007 at 2:44 pm Leave a comment

Okay, I’m going through a mild depression and withdrawal symptoms. RWA is over, well the conference anyway. No more chatting in the bar, no more impromptu conversations with other fellow writers, no more workshops, NO MORE FREE BOOKS.

I feel so wretched now, at a lost really. So let me give you my highlights and maybe you can understand.

I met more Cherries and I can tell you we know how to party. I met Marilyn a GH finalist who also won last night in her category. I can tell you I met her on Wednesday night, her head couldn’t get around the fact she’d finaled. Imagine how she felt after winning. Plus for ego reasons I have to add some people were actually excited to know I was Melthegreatest. Hey, it says it in my name.

Second highlight: Meeting in my PJ’s harlequin authors and long time readers. They were so cool. Come to find out Lindsay, the bringer of blow up doll, also finaled in GH. No she didn’t win but really all the perks of being a finalist comes with the territory.

Third highlight: The workshops. I mean you have to walk into these things with the mindset that what they are teaching me are tools I can use. Not tools that are absolutely set in stone. The only thing I can think of that falls in the MUST category is grammar and punctuation. During one of these workshops I had an epiphany about my writing. I’ll talk about that in another post. RWA offers something for everyone. Heck in one of them I sat next to Fiona Harper. Love her accent.

Fourth Highlight: Being told RWA made a mistake and that all those books in the GOODY ROOM, weren’t supposed to be in there. No I’m not going to be arrested thankfully. Either way, I got free books baby.

Fifth Highlight and most important: Talking to other writers. This can’t be stressed enough as a high point for me. Not once did I feel strange when I talked about my characters, my writing process, nothing. I’m definitely going to San Fran next year, given it is much closer to where I live. So ladies who dream of going to conference start saving up now it is worth every dime.

As to the title, I met with one of my online friends who I sought out the whole freaking conference and never bumped into her. We decided to go out for a smoke. I joked to her, “hey, I think I’m going to live out here today. People keep saying they’ve had a conversation with Nora over a cig.”

Now not more than a minute later here she walks out looking chic in her pin stripe suit. I didn’t make a complete ass of myself which is all I could hope for. I talked to Nora Roberts. The most amazing thing is she has the greatest sense of humor. Someone asked her how did she write with two boys. Her advice was it must be (to interrupt her writing) a matter of Fire or Blood. That’s it. *sigh* I’m so sad it’s all over.


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