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Things have a tendency to get blown out of portion. The reason why myths and legends are etched into time and our minds as if they are real and will never die or get old from telling.

The best example is the famous GOODY ROOM that is at every RWA conference. I’m sure you hear the stories of writers going wild, doing a grab and dash of all the free stuff given away.

I’m going to continue on with the legend. This room is every book lover’s dream. The door was closed and you know as a writer things that hold a mystery must be unveiled or understood. I told myself I would wait until Thursday before hitting up the room. All the good stuff (I wasn’t sure of what the good stuff was, I just knew I wanted some of it.) But I couldn’t resist. While registering I heard some women say, “oh, there’s the GOODY ROOM.” As if she has just seen the man of her dreams and he is more than willing to make her fantasies come true. I took a moment to drool over the free books in my registration bag.

And then I entered the room. The unsupervised GOODY ROOM. Have you ever seen WILLIE WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. The scene where Gene Wilder opens the door and everything is edible. It’s a child’s dream. That’s the GOODY ROOM. For every book lover, for anyone who loves FREE stuff. The GOODY ROOM is the river of chocolate, the candy balloons filled with strawberry filling, the tea cups filled with yum and tastes ten times better. Some of the books were signed, some weren’t. Ask me if I care.

This room is the stuff legends are made of.

Anyway, tonight is the Literacy Signing and after that I’ll be meeting up with Cherries. I’m just going to say this, well two things. Start saving up for next year’s Conference. And tonight like I foreseen in my fantasies of National’s I will be rolling on my hotel sheets in books.

p.s. I have my RWA dress. And this post is rushed so forgive any mistakes.


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