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I figured out a way to deal with my hysteria. I cleaned, did laundry and finally packed. Now I told myself I would get rid of 100 books keeping in mind that I REALLY have too many books. Don’t believe me here’s proof.

Now what you can see with your naked eye is about 350 books (yes, I counted.) That’s a lot by itself. There’s another 350 or so behind those. And that’s just my paperbacks. I have more in storage. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

And here’s what I got rid of. I’m so proud of myself. But that wasn’t what I would all do today. I determined the shoes I would wear. I have a shoe fetish. I really needed at least two more pairs of shoes but knew for sure they wouldn’t fit into my bag. Don’t believe me go down further and you will see proof of that also. Back to the shoes. The red ones I’ve nicknamed Red Slutties. My mother tells me I’m going to shorten my child birthing years by wearing them. I disagree these shoes help make babies. Oh, and the fuggly yellow ones I decided to wear while packing.

Here’s my little helper when I realized I just may be packing too much. Doesn’t she look so happy to be helping me. I’m still waiting for the mutiny when my kids finally realize I’m going to be gone for close to a week. I’m so going to pay later. I see guilt trips in my future. 6 whole days from my kids.

But then again I do things in excess. I digress. So what she’s sitting on is my bathing suit, 12 shirts, two jackets, 9 pairs of pants, 2 skirts and one dress. After she put her weight on it I was able to zip it. Now I was able to stuff my carry on with 6 nights worth of pj’s, 4 pairs of shoes and delicates. And my RWA awards dress of course. I AM THE STUFFING QUEEN! Oh, forgot to mention I did kill a suitcase in the process. The zipper just popped off track. Can’t imagine why. I gave it a proper burial.

So, now this may be my last post until National’s. I’ll figure out a way to hijack someone’s computer to post.

p.s. got some pills for my foot in mouth syndrome. No need to worry.


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