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Okay, I still haven’t packed. Yes, I know shocking, but this is ME we are talking about. When I was pregnant with my son I packed my overnight bag for the hospital when my first labor pain hit. But I’ve got a dress and shoes I’ve bought at Sears dirt keep and I’ve started to wash my jeans and so forth that I know I’m going to wear. So you ask what’s taking me so long or why am I waiting for the last bleeping minute?

I’m scared shirtless.

I’ve created this fantasy of what National’s is going to be like since I’ve paid my dues in January. At night I could see myself rolling around on my hotel sheets in free books. If you are a bookoholic you know why that’s would be pure bliss. I could see myself shaking Nora Robert’s hand in a cool calm manner and waiting to screech when she’s out of ear shot. I’d be meeting all my cyber friend’s and fellow writers and not once sticking my foot in my mouth.

I did say it was a fantasy.

In reality, I’m probably going to curse every five seconds because it’s so BLEEPING hot. I’m going to be missing my kiddos like crazy and craving for my own bed. I’m going to have a clothing disaster or worst my luggage will get lost on the plane and all I’ll have only the outfit on my back to wear. Or worst I’m going to get arrested by the airport security for trying to smuggle in lip gloss. OR WORST, I’ll be the drunk one everyone makes fun of.

I did warn you this post would show my neurotic side.

I’m hoping I just fall somewhere in the middle. I’ll learn loads on writing, I’ll meet cyber friends for the first time, make new ones, and write every night before I go to bed. I’ll feel comfortable talking about character arc, GMC, sexual tension, pacing without anyone eyes glazing over with confusion. Did I mention my heels for the award ceremony are four inches? I know at least I’ll make an ass of myself once. Those shoes will probably be my downfall, literally.

But I can always imagine it’s Nora that catches me before I fall.


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