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One of my all-time favorite authors, Jennifer Crusie, teamed up with Eileen Dryer and Anne Stuart and the created THE UNFORTUNATE MISS FORTUNES. Lovely, but imperfect novel. Now, it’s about three sisters who are also witches. The oldest, Dee, has a penchant to turn into animals, the middle child aka peacemaker, Lizzie, turns silverware into bunnies or ferrets (depending on the circumstance) and Mare, the youngest, of course, the rebel, can move things with her mind. Oh, almost forgot the aunt, Xan, who’s been trying to steal their powers for years. Can’t you just smell the dysfunction?

Well, Auntie Dearest cooks up a plan to send them their TRUE LOVES. Hoping this will make them hand over their powers(as if men aren’t smart enough to love a women with power and see the benefits of it). She wants their powers so she won’t have to Botox herself to death in order to stay young and beautiful. Given the fact I’m only 22 and my breast have already started their downward journey to my knees thats desper–I mean motivation I can understand.

Well, not to spoil the rest of the story. I’ll give you the gist. This novel is very well written. I care for each of the heroine’s struggle. The only problem I have with the UNFORTUNATE MISS FORTUNES is that the novel doesn’t read unified. It’s not that I can read a passage and know who wrote it. These author’s voices blend well. The character’s and their individual stories didn’t blend. They each had to make a family decision and individual choice. They said they were all for one and one for all but for me it came off as they felt trapped with each other. Or it could have been the sex deprivation making them bitchy and miserable. Given my drought, I understand their motivation. This may be my own personal bias or I’ve just read too many Nora Roberts novels. Their unhappiness wasn’t at all subtle. For me this worked for and against this book.

Now my overall opinion is that good books and good authors can only get better. I want an encore collaboration.

P.S. If you ever wondered what it felt like to drive over cobblestones on a motorcycle go get this book.


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