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I believe in the woo-woo, the unexplained, fate, luck, the whole nine. Everything does happen for a reason even if I don’t understand why at the time. This is why I find it ironic that in the within a month (or less) after I wrote a post saying that I want to write the best damn book I can and not worry about submitting, I get asked to send a partial.

What pushed me to write the post and surrender to something larger than myself? What made me look inside myself and really wonder why I stress and rejoice all in the name of writing? I don’t know but I’m glad I did. For me it puts things in perspective and let’s me have fun when I write. And when I’m shot down, It’ll let me not take it too much too heart.

All this just makes me wonder why at this point in my life, am I writing about someone who doesn’t believe in “everything happens for a reason”. I’m going to learn something from I SAID NEVER. My theory is that a writer’s subconscious writes 85 percent of the book i.e. The Girls in the Basement. The other 15 percent is craft and finding those little nuggets of truth The Girls sent you in the first draft.

For instance when I read PROTECTING DELLA, I came across two jokes she makes to the hero about rebelling against her father and he didn’t notice. This was a sore spot for my heroine and writing it I didn’t see the pain behind the laughter. When I did it gave me another layer to put into the book. I was able to pin point the inner conflict for her and why she would resist the hero.

So in the process of writing I SAID NEVER, I’m going to look for the things my heroine doesn’t say in words or thoughts. It’s the weak point in my writing.(Hmm, I guess that’s what I’m supposed to learn writing wise) I like to beat the reader over the head with why my heroine is screwed up by saying it every chapter, instead of showing it in her actions.

But we’ll see and hopefully this post makes sense.


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