A CONVERSATION: me, my character and the girls.

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I’ve had a crisis the past few days. My writing hadn’t been going very well. Actually, after my last post it all but dried up. With the story still being new and “fun” that’s a bad sign. Another bad sign is that I know what’s going to happen in the next five scenes and still I can’t write more than a sentence. What I could write didn’t have my voice, my character’s voice, but it had some android replacement. My character had none of my snark, spunk, she was pancake flat. At the moment I had her sitting on a rock next to a really hot guy and not once did she make some sexual innuendo. Not a character I would write.

Crisis anyone?

I went to the Cherries. (Jennifer Crusie fans/writers) I Love them. I had in my mind what my heroine would have to go through and it scared me because I was going to have to face some very ugly things about myself. I couldn’t pin point which one it was so I couldn’t fix it. They gave me advice and this is what I came up with. So I sat down at my computer and talked to my character. Sounds strange I know, but it was the only writing that didn’t feel stilted. I came to a realization. My fear stemmed from having to write about the mother. As any woman fears, being a shitty mother. I have to go there, I have to see it through my characters eyes, and what if I see myself in this woman? Oh, dear, GOD. Talk about writer’s block. So here’s part of the conversation.

My revelation was deleted due to my son plugging in the fan. (The short circuit blew a fuse and cut my computer off.) Of course I didn’t save it first. Ironic really. It happened shortly after I realized what my problem was. If that’s not a cosmic sign I don’t know what can be.

Phoenix: Aren’t kids grand?

Me: Yes, but that still doesn’t mean I should be an asshole towards them and yes, I know your were being sarcastic. I made you that way, so I understand.

Phoenix: Just call me The Comeback Kid.

Me: You know you are really helping me here.

Phoenix: Until we get to know each other I’m at your beck and call.

Me: Was that snark I heard?

Phoenix: YYEESS, which means we’ll be getting to the me portion of this segment soon.

Me: You’ll have 100,000 words of you, be patient. First we must give all hail and thanks to The Girls. Shh, I hear them coming. This is the first time I’m going to meet them.

The Girls aka my muse: We don’t come out often, but felt this was a crisis. We thought we were going to be out of a job soon. Good, crisis over. Now wrap this shit up so we can get back to work. We’ve been getting antsy lately.

Me: So cool The Girls and they cursed. I knew I would have muses that cursed. Anyway, I’m your biggest fan.

They all roll their eyes. The Girls: Enough, we’re leaving. We’ll be in your subconscious and give us some light, it get’s kind of dark down there. And your libido gland keeps trying to grab our ass.

Me: Sorry, haven’t gotten any lately.

Phoenix: Hello, what about me. Oh, and hi girls.

The girls whisper: Can’t wait to get her in the dark moment, won’t be so cocky now will she.

They disappear leaving glitter in their wake.

Phoenix: What did they say?

Me: They can’t wait for me to write you. So tell me about yourself.

Phoenix: Everything?

Me: No, let’s start with your first heartbreak.

Of course I can’t show you the rest of the conversation. That’ll be telling the story. Once I sell and then it hits the shelves, you can read it. I’m more than happy to say I’m off the write.


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