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I’m feeling a little jaded today. Could be all my author blog surfing or writing forums I participate in. Everyone is a writer. Hell, there are close to 9,500 members of Romance Writer’s of America. Some are book seller’s, agents, what have you, but I’m just guessing 6,000 of those members are writers. What spurned this post is one I read over at Romancing the Blog (on the blog roll to the right). More or less they talked about writer’s who have only one book that they won’t let go.

It made me think of all the people who only make it to Chapter 3 or Six. Doesn’t matter all of them are writers. All of them have the dream to see their books on the shelf one day. For some reason or another they love to write. They take time out of their day and play with their imagination.

My question is what does it take to really be a writer? I mean really are you any less of a poet if you never perform your work in front of an audience? Any less of a singer if you never hold a note outside of your shower doors? Are you any less of a writer if your novels never see the light of day? Never get past the sagging middle?
I mean really what’s the significant difference?

The only answer I can think of is passion and a little ego. Even if on the surface you don’t think you’re writing is good enough, but you chug along, learn what makes a good book (not what books are selling at the moment), keep working at it, somewhere deep down inside, you have to believe that what you are writing is worth reading. It’s passion keeping writers up at night slaving over their manuscript to make it good regardless of the statistics that once they get published, there is no guarantee they’ll stay that way. All that has to be worth something.

Maybe I’m just being melodramatic, or the RWA trip is freaking me out and this is my way of acting out, or I could get off the Internet and right the best damn book I can and screw the competition. Hey, I did say it takes a little ego to stay in this game.


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Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

I’m so unhappy about this rating so ignore this post so I can make at least to PG13.

Fuck,shit, damn, sex, weiner, glittery hoo-ha, penis. In real life I do say these words often especially glittery hoo-ha.

10 minutes later . . . I got this rating:

Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

My mother would be so proud. The stuff you can find on the Internet.

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As the trips looms closer I realized I really should get some business cards. Since I’ve waited at the 11th hour unless I pay a gazillion dollars to have some overnighted to me I’ve played with the idea of making my own. So not professional. But who said I couldn’t have a little fun with taglines.

Aspiring Author

Shh . . . I hear a character talking.

Now if that doesn’t get me straight to the nut house. I don’t know what could. So if I was to have a business card that wouldn’t be the tagline I chose. Hmm, let me try again.

Aspiring Author

I am a great writer.

Overconfident for the type of people I’m trying to network with. Now this will only work if I’m handing out these cards to fellow Cherries. They would get the inside joke. Last try.

Aspiring Author

Yes, I’m full of snark.

I think this one fits me perfectly. Now if I can only find some cards within my budget within the next two weeks.

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This isn’t going to be a rant because I can show you better than I can tell you why most vanity publishers are bad. Go here and read about Latwayna, the naughty horse, Learns to say, “No.” to Drugs.

Warning get some tissues because you are liable to laugh yourself into a frenzy after reading the Amazon Reviews.

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Phoenix and Adam sitting in the tree, K-I-S-S

It’s late here in newbie author land, but I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been trying to get a feel for my main characters. Before now they were just images floating around in my head. Impressions of who they are and what they are going to become for each other and for a satisfying resolution.
It took me a couple of clicks on the world wide web to find Phoenix. I saw this dreamy look and had to laugh. This is a look that Phoenix would die if she ever knew it crossed her face. This is the look she’s going to wear when she falls in love with the hero of course. *cue evil laughter*.
The look below is how she really is in normal circumstances. Competent, sensible, practical, no frills, no fuss, but earthy. Sanaa Lathan is perfect as a placeholder. At least these pictures portray what I see in my mind when I think of Phoenix. Plus it helps that she looks like she could drop kick you in four inch heels. Phoenix can’t help but be anal.

So you ask, who’s the hero? In a worldly sense, he’s Morris Chestnut in this picture.
In the story, his name is Adam. I can’t give you a long list of adjectives for him yet. I do know he’s just as earthy as the heroine, but has the capabilities to be Don Juan. He’s a landscaper who loves all things fauna. He likes to see things grow and he’s much of a control freak like Phoenix to want a part of it. He reaps satisfaction from watching the flowers he plants thrive. In a way he’s a free-spirited artist. Phoenix is going to hate to love him.

Anyway, I did some research on their names. Adam is a given. He was the first man in the bible. The irony, myth is that the Phoenix is the only animal that Adam didn’t take with him when he got evicted from paradise. The reason why the bird has the ability to live forever. We’ll see what my subconscious does with that one.

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I believe in the woo-woo, the unexplained, fate, luck, the whole nine. Everything does happen for a reason even if I don’t understand why at the time. This is why I find it ironic that in the within a month (or less) after I wrote a post saying that I want to write the best damn book I can and not worry about submitting, I get asked to send a partial.

What pushed me to write the post and surrender to something larger than myself? What made me look inside myself and really wonder why I stress and rejoice all in the name of writing? I don’t know but I’m glad I did. For me it puts things in perspective and let’s me have fun when I write. And when I’m shot down, It’ll let me not take it too much too heart.

All this just makes me wonder why at this point in my life, am I writing about someone who doesn’t believe in “everything happens for a reason”. I’m going to learn something from I SAID NEVER. My theory is that a writer’s subconscious writes 85 percent of the book i.e. The Girls in the Basement. The other 15 percent is craft and finding those little nuggets of truth The Girls sent you in the first draft.

For instance when I read PROTECTING DELLA, I came across two jokes she makes to the hero about rebelling against her father and he didn’t notice. This was a sore spot for my heroine and writing it I didn’t see the pain behind the laughter. When I did it gave me another layer to put into the book. I was able to pin point the inner conflict for her and why she would resist the hero.

So in the process of writing I SAID NEVER, I’m going to look for the things my heroine doesn’t say in words or thoughts. It’s the weak point in my writing.(Hmm, I guess that’s what I’m supposed to learn writing wise) I like to beat the reader over the head with why my heroine is screwed up by saying it every chapter, instead of showing it in her actions.

But we’ll see and hopefully this post makes sense.

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Over on Smart Bitches they bring up the argument that the romance genre is being snubbed by big name newspapers when it comes to reviews. For me it’s disheartening to know the genre I love to read and write isn’t getting the same kudos from major newspapers as let’s say mystery or straight-laced fiction. I’ve never heard of a romance getting a Pulitzer either. (In this millennium)

Does that say from the gate what I write isn’t deep or thought provoking?

I may be wrong, but the last “romance” to win was Gone With the Wind in 1937. You can’t tell me there hasn’t been a better novel written. I guess I’m just steamed that for me to ever be recognized as a “real author” I can’t write romance. What the hell is Romeo and Juliet? That story says romance to me, but is Bet Me taught at every college? Nope. Is Carnal Innocence ever dissected to look at mores in our society as a whole,mores in a small community, and how emotional abuse can cripple a human being? Nope.

I found this definition on the Pulitzer’s Web Site. It describes what they consider worthy of a Pulitzer.

For distinguished fiction by an American author, preferably dealing with American life.

I know I went left field with this post, but sometimes things just make you wonder.

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