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I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Loved it. Now many people boo-hooed the movie. I can see why. It didn’t have your typical HEA at least that the theory I came up with.

This expectation can kill or boost your sales as an author. If your readers have come to expect a certain story or characters and you don’t provide this, you’ll feel it in your sales. Best example I can think of is Northen Lights by Nora Roberts. I personally loved this book, but since the heroine more or less jumped the hero by chapter five, it dealt with depression, and the Mom was a bimbo–a lot of reviewers boo-hooed this particular book. The negative side, is a book that meets every expectation. So much so you could tell the ending to your friend without ever finishing the book.

What I try to do is put a flip to the expectation. To bad I’m not the first person to think of this idea, because I’d bottle it and sell it out the back of my trunk.

I digress. The moral of this post is that I SAID NEVER isn’t at all what I expected. This book is going to make me dig really deep inside myself. I thought I was writing a straight-laced romance. It’s not, but what good romance novel is? My hands shake a little before I open up the word document. Strangely, as a writer that’s a good sign.

Maybe later I’ll have to argue the point that a first person romance isn’t necessarily chick-lit. (now and days calling your book that is the kiss of death.)


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