Napoleon Dynamite

May 24, 2007 at 1:56 am Leave a comment

When you think of that name you probably come up with the image of him on the couch with the nasty curled hair. Ick!

In the second photo I see him as the sexy nerd with beautiful eyes. Or I just may be hopeless and haven’t got the memo yet.

Back to the schduled programming and since I’ve finally discovered how to add pics to my post, more pictures. I’m going way out there with I SAID NEVER. I grew up in church and anything dealing with the true woo-woo side of humanity isn’t kosher. So being the rebel that I am I decided my character is going to get her cards read. As in a Tarot Reading. I researched my eyeballs out and here’s one card I came up with, JUSTICE. This particular card says a lot about my heroine’s past. Some of the key words that at times describes this card is Coldness, Analysis, Distance. Those few words are going to help me understand my character and how she interacts with her family. I’m still can’t really see the hero. I don’t even have a name for him yet. As of today his name is Rugged Man. At the moment his occupation is going to be that of a landscaper. Since I’m a panster nothing is set in stone until THE END. Since I’ve only written up to ten pages double spaced, I’ve a ways to go.

Entry filed under: characterization, writing research.

Yes, I know. I’m Posting Again! WHY NEWBIE AUTHOR SHOULDN’T: read book reviews

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