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Okay, a few years back when people talked of paranormal they meant stories with psychic elements. Hey the paranormal excites me. Things that science can’t explain or even begin to prove intrigues me just to see how the author can pull it off.

Sci-Fi, Fantasy and thrillers held these now favored elements of vampires, ghosts and such. Gradually there has been change in the market and now paranormal strictly means vampires, shape shifters, ghosts, wolves and no psychics.

Where have they stuck that element? Are readers no longer interested in characters who know things they shouldn’t, characters who sees things that have happened in the past or is going to happen in the near future, characters who can touch the ground, a necklace and tell you the history behind it. Is there no demand for these characters? Did the SIXTH SENSE movie kill the market?

I don’t know.

I now have to rely on Kay Hooper and her special agents to give me this sub genre. She’s not a bad writer, I just wished for variety and knew what it’s called. And God forbid if I can’t find a place to submit my book because this sub genre no longer sells. If I describe my book as a paranormal and the editor reads it waiting for a wolf to jump out have I already doomed my chances for selling? By now you should know how niche marketing makes my eye twitch. This is at least one niche that I want.
It seriously irritates me something how the market swings pigeon holing certain genres. *sigh* Okay I’ll get off the soapbox now.


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