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There comes a time in every writers life when they get sick,sick,sick and tired of the same characters, their situation, their conflict. I’ve reached that point in PROTECTING DELLA. On an ordinary day I love these two characters. I’m intrigued by the villain, and sometimes I forget when re-reading parts of PD that it was me who wrote the book. But after starting out with 140 or so on this long journey to 60k words and making it to 226 pages and close, so close to 50k, I’m done with PD.

What I’m feeling right now is like when you’ve been a relationship and the newness has worn off. I’m looking at the guy with the 6 pack abs, who smiles and says hi to me when I walk by. The new guy who I know will appreciate me and not fall asleep after sex like my current boyfriend does. The new guy who will write me sweet little notes, not notes that asks me to pick up beer from the store. Yes, I know, the grass only seems greener on the other side, but at least leave me my fantasies.

I’m going to let myself get obsessed with two other characters. I’m going to be the panster I am and open another Word Document and start I SAID NEVER. Yes, amazing what desperation can do, I already have a title worked out for my next WIP. Right now all I have is the opening scene, (the sweet little notes), right now the heroine doesn’t seem trouble some, all her back story, and her reasons for not falling into the hero’s arms aren’t in the way, (not falling asleep after sex).

Yes, these are the lies I tell myself to write a story and by the time I realize I’ve bitten off more than I could chew I would have invested too much time and emotions into this story to quit. I’ll see these characters to the bitter end until I open another Word Document. Writing is a sick cycle that never ends but I love ever minute of it.

Hmph, this does sound like a relationship. Did I mention I have a commitment phobia?


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