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No, I don’t mean the book, I’m talking my real life. Yesterday, I should have known my day was going to go to hell because this guy I’m doomed to associate with for the rest of my life was nice, polite, and acting like a real human being. If not that I should have been forewarned when the class I had given up on, I learned I was going to pass with flying colors.

So what happened you ask?

Well, after grocery shopping, I come out to the parking lot to find my tail lights gone. Yes, those things that signal when you are going to brake and turn, GONE.
I still have finals, I can’t deal with this. I try not to cry, I try not to take a bat to my car. (People are always stealing stuff off it)

So now I can’t drive around. I call a million places and have to explain over and over again I need both tail lights and no, not the bulbs. So I luck out and only have to pay a million dollars for some. I get my hot neighbor to help me put them on my car. Voila. I’m back in business.

By now my head is pounding. All I’ve eaten for the day is a cheese stick and half a bottle of soda. Superman ain’t got shit on me. I study for a little bit, freaking out simultaneously because I can’t remember half of this stuff even though I studied it last night. *sigh* My head is still pounding so I decide to take a nap. It’s 2:00. I figure I can take a 20 minute power nap and feel fine. I have Math and Torts/Contracts to look forward to.

I wake up at 3:12. My final in my math class started at 3:00. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks of my reaction.

Moral of the story is don’t answer phone calls from ex-boyfriend’s.


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