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My writing process may be different from every other writer much like a face, features can change with age, knowledge, experience. One thing all writer have in common is getting hit with an idea of a book. It’s like an audible click that only we can hear. Much like when you’ve forgotten something on your shopping list, you see laundry detergent and AHA you remember you need cake mix. I know two totally unrelated things but sometimes that’s just how it is.

Now while doing my math homework which I hate my mind began to wonder while I factor x,y,and z’s. I could hear it plain as day, “I’m never going to get married.” My mind fixated on never. How many things have I said I would never do and a year or two later I’m doing it. For instance when I was 16, I took a sneak taste of beer, gagged and said I would never drink alcohol if it tastes what I imagined ass and feet tasted like turned into liquid. But hey everyone has to turn 21.

I digress. So now I’m thinking this character would have a friend remind her of this exact thing is more than likely to happen now. One should never say the impending word of doom NEVER. On a side note similar such phrases are as follows:
“This day can’t get any worst,”


“I’m going to get my boyfriend’s name tatooed on me.”


I wrote half of this scene as if came to me forsaking homework willingly. And voila, now I have a new story to start on. If only a plot would come to me so easily.


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