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Well, one thing I’ve learned never post in anger, you can rant just not in anger. Two, if you have to drive 200 miles to see other Cherries (jennifer crusie fans) don’t fret it will be worth very mile. Three, go to an art gallery it might spark old book ideas.

The first is explainable by itself, the second thing I’ve learned I’ll need to explain. Yesterday, I drove from Fresno to Oakland to meet Cherries. Now I’ve heard about their chattiness and now I have witnessed it firsthand. I think it goes deeper than just talking, I believe women who come together without assumptions, without competition in mind can find common ground to get along. I’ve witnessed this in doses, but never really experienced it. This meeting was community in the deepest sense. It kind of reminded me of the BREAKFAST CLUB without the emotional breakdowns and not having to write an essay explaining our roles. (This is my favorite movie by the way despite is was made the same year I was born)I loved it and now I really can’t wait for Nationals. I’m starting to believe its going to be a as psychotic as people say.

The third lesson: After eating, of course,we Cherries went to an art gallery. I can’t say I’m a history buff, but I do love all things old, I do love things that can stand the test of time and still have meaning. But this gallery had things from the 1800’s and I wanted to just melt into the floor, turn around and ask somebody, “Do you know how old this is?” *sigh* I digress. There was a photographer on display named Dorthy Lange, I believe and I fell in love with her work. This was art. The time period her photographs covered were during the depression in the 1930’s. Beautiful.

But what made me think of my writing was a display of antiqued dishware, furniture, and lamps. Strange I know but it got my mind moving. It made my fingers itch to research and to dig deep into antique furniture. One character of a book I started is an antique appraiser. She would have died and salivated over the glass blocking her touch of the displays. It made me want to write on that story again.
(A little back story) I’m afraid to write this particular story because it will test me as a writer. It’s complex and nothing is as it seems. It breaks at least two or the taboos out there on romance but I don’t care because I know this is THE STORY. The one I know is going to get me a hundred rejections, the one that is going to force me to find an agent, the one that just might sell. Can you see why I’m scared shit less?

Moral of the story don’t be a hermit you never know what might change your outlook.


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  • 1. Miss M.  |  April 18, 2007 at 8:30 pm

    Hey Mel- I noticed that you added me to your blogroll, and I’m more than happy to return the link! Great blog you run, and reading through your archives has been a hoot! Good luck on the book, and I look forward to reading more about the writing process!

  • 2. Mel  |  April 18, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    Thanks, now if only I can just get a date. I tell myself I’m sacraficing my love life for my books.(the lie helps me sleep at night.) 🙂

  • 3. Curtis Greene  |  April 19, 2007 at 1:44 am

    I really like THE BREAKFAST CLUB…
    I prefer to write screenplays myself, but I like writing short stories

  • 4. Peggy Chrusciaki  |  April 19, 2007 at 2:18 am

    Hi Mel! I was browsing the blogs and happened upon a fellow writer. My books, Simon Says, Books One and Two, are chick lit but since I’m a chick it’s what I do best. Maybe we can brain storm together on our blogs. Mine is peggypoet.blogspot.com and my books are at http://www.simonsays1and2.com. Happy writing!

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