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As I said in my earlier post I wanted to start submitting. I’m jazzed, excited, until I start to search. This morning I went in search of the perfect home for my book. I have several problems, one my book is barely 44k,with one more run through I can easily make it to 50k, not so sure of making it to 60k. My first hurdle most places only accept 75k and higher. I kept searching, came across a place that accepts 40k-70k. I’m like this is perfect, the heavens started to open up and sing, this is it. . .until I read their guidelines. They don’t accept MSs that has cursing. I’m like, WTF! What’s a little S$it or two between friends. As you can see that may be a problem then a little voice asks, “how bad do you want to get published? this isn’t a big thing to compromise on, with this publisher you’ll never have f%^k in print.” I grumble then agree it’s a small sacrafice. So I can, for them, scan out all my s#its, d@mn’s and hecks, I’m not married to those words in my MS.

At this point I’m a little uneasy, the heavens are no longer singing. I take a deep then I read on. Another guideline was no sex, sexual tension plently, but no bumping uglies, no fornication, no horizontal tango, nada. I’m like where will all my frustration go.I want to scream take my death but not my sex, no I mean liberty! If I can’t get any my heroine has to, otherwise I’ll be a neurotic alcoholic change smoker who drools over any of the male species. I really don’t want the drooling part to be the nail in my coffin. This I can’t compromise. I want to argue its a necessary action scene. I edit those parts everyday, most times I don’t change anything, I just like reading them. (so sue me, they’re really good action scenes.:))*sigh* The search continues. . .


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