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Now I’m not a classic book buff. To me most of the writing dragged on for pages and pages of nothing but blather. Reading books before the 1900’s took a large amount of patience and grinding my teeth. The whole time, I’m thinking IS THERE A FREAKING PLOT!

But I’ve come across a jewel. I’ve heard about Kate Chopin in my English classes, read some of her short stories and found the ironic humor in most. Definitely a woman before her time. So I’ve had THE AWAKENING on my shelf for some time, just like I’ve had Pride and Prejudice, Jane Erye, Vanity Fair, and another handful of classics but yesterday I decided to try another classic book. (I was feeling scholarish) I loved it.

I want to be like this women as a writer. I want to write something true to what I think and believe. Is it egotistical of me to say I want something I write to be immortalized. Probably not Politically Correct but hey after reading this book who gives a damn?

The quote that I love,love love is this : “The bird that would soar above the level plain of tradition and prejudice must have strong wings. It is a sad spectacle to see the weaklings bruised, exhausted, fluttering back to earth.

Other writers are always talking about writing the truth, it may be the characters or the story and now I believe them. What Chopin wrote in THE AWAKENING is more than an affair of the heart, it’s finding life wonderful when all you’ve done is survive or numbly watch it pass by.

Participate in your life, stop being an observer, don’t just live your life but enjoy it. That is what this book says to me. So now I have to go write and hopefully I will bring a freshness to it that is the truth.


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My writing process may be different from every other writer much like a face, features can change with age, knowledge, experience. One thing all writer have in common is getting hit with an idea of a book. It’s like an audible click that only we can hear. Much like when you’ve forgotten something on your shopping list, you see laundry detergent and AHA you remember you need cake mix. I know two totally unrelated things but sometimes that’s just how it is.

Now while doing my math homework which I hate my mind began to wonder while I factor x,y,and z’s. I could hear it plain as day, “I’m never going to get married.” My mind fixated on never. How many things have I said I would never do and a year or two later I’m doing it. For instance when I was 16, I took a sneak taste of beer, gagged and said I would never drink alcohol if it tastes what I imagined ass and feet tasted like turned into liquid. But hey everyone has to turn 21.

I digress. So now I’m thinking this character would have a friend remind her of this exact thing is more than likely to happen now. One should never say the impending word of doom NEVER. On a side note similar such phrases are as follows:
“This day can’t get any worst,”


“I’m going to get my boyfriend’s name tatooed on me.”


I wrote half of this scene as if came to me forsaking homework willingly. And voila, now I have a new story to start on. If only a plot would come to me so easily.

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Okay, I’ve done some self reflection and realized I’m stressing myself out too much over finding a home for PROTECTING DELLA. Overnight I’m not going to be able to make it 60k words. Short of adding a sub-plot to the book. So I’ve decided to let it rest for a while. To date it is the best book I’ve written, I’m proud of that.

I’m looking at it as a learning experience that will get me ready to write THE BOOK. Who knows in two months I’ll find something in PROTECTING DELLA that I needed to flesh out.

What’s next you ask for the newbie author? I’m going to start on a book that I’ve had simmering in my head for some time. It’s going to take me out of my sphere of comfortability. I’m going to have to do research and I’m going to make an outline. Things I don’t even do for my English classes. *sigh* I guess I’m growing as a writer.

What happened to the good ol’ days of writing blindly?

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The book itself won a Pulizter Prize that should tell you something off the bat. If that doesn’t convince, the movie can bring a grown man to tears. It is the epitome of writing, a work of art and now it’s a musical. Music transcends all other forms of media.(If you don’t believe me look up Jennifer Hudson’s performance of And I’m Telling You.)

A great singer can pull you into their world and make you cry like a baby. Which is why I’m jealous of anyone who can see Fantasia Barrino play Celie in the Broadway Production of The Color Purple. Now I wasn’t a big fan before I saw this video, yet out of context this song is still beautiful. I know this particular scene in the movie is when Celie finally leaves Mista after years of verbal and physical abuse. It’s an empowering moment and to have it made into a SONG! I digress…

So without further ado Fantasia singing, “I’m Here.”

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No, seriously on another blog a discussion started about people’s, more importantly women’s self image. On this blog a challenge was put out to write three things you love about yourself PHYSICALLY. Which to me in the American society is hard to do. On almost every cover we are bombarded with skinny women with little breast, wrinkle free and absolutely no sign of having hips. When confronted with this image that is deemed perfect on a daily basis the extra weight you’ve gain since elementary is coming back to haunt you. We as women obsess about our image or ignore it completely because the image depresses us.

So I took the challenge. I picked more than three things because in this situation it was needed. I love my eyes, my breast, my hips, and the fact that I have on foot fatter than the other. You’re curious about the title right? Well someone came along and said one of their three favorite things about themselves was their vagina.

This stopped me in my tracks.

Then I thought why not? Mine has brought my children safely into this world, it defines my sex, its the one body part that never gains weight and other things that is TMI for a blog.

So I say to women who can’t think of three things they love about themselves, embrace your vagina. (figuratively of course).

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I saw this on someone else’s blog and it made me laugh, so I’m going to share it.

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If only I knew how to take my own advice. Last night in a moment of insanity I decided to upgrape my template. Before I started I was warned about losing all of the edits I have down, which includes my blog roll, word count widget, etc. So being the genius that I am (okay, stop laughing) I copied and pasted it into my WordPerfect.

I upgraded chose a new snazzy template, looked at my blog admiring the purple then looked at where my blog roll use to be and screeched.

Now I’m not a computer whiz, so I went to help, it didn’t help, I tried a few other things and found what I was looking. Then realized I had to manually input each URL instead of pasting the list of codes I copied earlier. I did and I will never do it again.

The only high point is now you can see my mug. The picture isn’t professional at all but hey I look like a likable person, that has to count for something.

BTW, what do you think of the new look?

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