I’m Horrible about this Blogging Thing

January 2, 2007 at 6:30 pm Leave a comment

I could type a long list of reasons why I don’t blog often, but they’ll just be excuses. Well here’s an update instead. For my NaNoWriMo I made it to 26, 000 that’s about 900 words a day which translates to about 2-3 pages. Not bad. Getting into the spirit of the new year I wrote out writing goals for at the least the first six months of 2007. Here they are:

Writing Goals for 2007:

Send synopsis, query, and first 3 chapters to Harlequin: Desire by January 31, 2007 for my book How Much You Wanna Bet?

Think of title for NaNoWriMo and finish the first draft by March 1, 2007

Possibly look at Love Unexpected to see if it can be saved.

Remind myself daily that I am a GREAT writer even when it feels like I’m shoveling S#^T.

The last bit was inspired by Jennifer Crusie’s Cherry Forum site. If you haven’t checked this site out then you are missing your daily vitamins of life. The gist of this particular thread that started a wild fire of epiphanies is that you must believe that you have the right for greatness. For this site it’s writing but I think the concept can bleed into whatever you love to do and nothing is too minute for you to believe that you are great. A great mother, a great wife, the best d@#n sewer, car salesman, whatever.

If I don’t stick to my other goals this is the one I will tell myself everyday because honestly it put a fire in me that I haven’t felt since I first started to write in 2004. I’d be lying if I said I write just because I love to do it. Yes, that’s true, but I also want to be published. It won’t define me if I never do. It won’t say that my writing sucks either, but it’ll be nice. In truth I write, because I want to touch someone’s life. That’s where the greatness comes from. Who am I to want to make someone’s life better if only just for a few hours?

And just for that I am a great writer. (Jenny would be so proud.)


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