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I lost a little momentum over the weekend. Could have been the trip to San Francisco, or recovering from driving more than half of the day. But I ‘m going back to my schedule of waking up a 6am and shooting out all that I can before I have to get my daughter ready for school. I can write with my son in my arms but I can’t not get her ready for school. So priorities of everyday life is starting to get in the way but I won’t let it stop me from finishing this book. At the moment I think it’s going well given the fact that I’m a panster. And of course I get to have more excuses to buy books because it’s turning into a murder mystery and I have to get a feel for one right? Yeah, that’s a writers dream, buying books. For those who don’t understand Barnes and Noble needs a RA. (reading addicts)


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Today I wrote 1744 words on my WIP and the amazing thing is I still have more left in me to go. I’m going to hold it off until tomorrow morning, because frankly I need to do my hair. For the past three days I’ve been wearing a scarf over this mess I call hair. So I’ve decided to braid it and ignore it for at least two months. Back in August I cut it and want to have some length to it again. Even though I’ve told myself to wait to write tomorrow I’m sure doing my hair braiding breaks I’ll be typing something to add on to the story. Well ta-ta for now.

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I’m so proud of myself. Instead of slacking off I wrote 1717 words on my first day and the crazy thing is I still feel the need to write. God, I didn’t know how much I missed writing until I decided to do it again everyday. My life doesn’t seem so dreary.

I’ve picked a paranormal to write. My main chacracter is a newspaper reporter. Hopefully, I can make that believable and let’s not forget for a short stint I was one. I wrote on my colleges newspaper. I loved it, but hated it.

Some of the subjects were so stiff and official and others chattered, those were the ones I loved. Anyway, I’m straying off subject. I give myself a standing ovation for the first day.

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