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Well, I can’t say that I’ve strapped myself to the computer and started to get in the hang of writing again, but I know by tomorrow I will. Thank god for daylight’s savings. Everybody says that oh we lose an hour of sleep, but me being the weird creature I am I sleep the best in the winter.

In the summer I’m up to midnight or even one o’clock in the morning. The best way to describe what happens for me is that what once was my midnight is 11 p.m. and my 7 a.m wake-ups are 6 a.m. The kids are still sleep and if not I tell them it’s to early to be up and go back to bed.

You know what that leaves me that i didn’t have before in the summer months? An hour of writing time. Yeah I now I could have gotten up at 6 in the summer, but I’m brain dead for 30 of those minutes. This way is not only easier, but more productive.

Okay, I’ve just been lazy and lost the drive I once had but now I’m going write. Really. Anyway I’ll check in tomorrow with my progress.


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Well I haven’t done this in a while and in truth I haven’t wrote in almost as long. I do it sporadically, nothing to be proud of and nothing I can call productive. So I’m trying to get back in the swing of this. Starting November 1st I will be doing the NANOwrite with other eharlequin writers. (now don’t quote me on the name) Every day my goal is to write 1,666 words. I’m coming off of my lazy vacation from writing with a bang. I do it right then I should have a rough draft of a third novel. This would should be a bestseller for the simple fact I should have more depth. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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