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I have 8 working days left of my internship and I can’t wait until it’s done. I don’t want to seem like a whiner nor a lazy bum, but this work thing is killing me.

I’m thinking maybe it’s because none of the windows open, taking my option of getting some fresh air when the dregs of sitting down for hours on end are killing me.

But I think the main factor is that I’m doing all this work for 3 lousy units. Not to mention it’s the last three units I need to get my certificate. It almost feels like my senior year.

The last three weeks of school when the pressure is on and you know any one thing you screw up means jeopadizing walking across that stage. It almost takes dynamite to get you out of bed and to school. So in honor of my title I figured out the only way that I won’t have to work in a office with no windows that open, I have to win the lottery.

As we all know that is as far fetch for most people as getting probed by aliens. Ta-Ta for now.


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Today was another one of those long days and really it’s just starting. I still have to sweep and mop. (All my floors are tile. Argh!) Being this is my first apartment, it feels like I’m cleaning all the time.

My goal isn’t to have a show place type of clean home, but I don’t want my house to actually look like I have four kids instead of two. A toy or two left on the floor isn’t a problem, but it shouldn’t look like TOYS-R-US after the doors close on December 26th.

I need a nap, but I plan to start revising How Much You Wanna Bet? I can’t even remember the last time I looked at that book. I’m going to fix whatever needs to be fixed, add scenes that need to be added and then head over to my local library and print the story out singled spaced to save some money.

There’s a huge difference in printing out 200 pages compared to 100.

Oh, BTW, I still feel like my intership will never end.

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No, I haven’t been neglecting my blog. I’ve been having technical difficulites but this is just a test.

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