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My current WIP (Work in Progress), is doing so well. Last night I added another scene that was needed to add on to the conflict and to bring my characters closer. It amazes me how easy it is to write this particular book.
Given I’m a little more experienced and waited to edit after I I wrote the first draft of the book instead of rewriting the same chapter for a week.

The first chapter was written from a writing spurt. An idea comes out of nowhere–mainly for me it’s a character shouting to be written–and then my fingers are flying over the keys almost like they are possessed. It’s an amazing feeling. Even my Critique Partner likes the book which is saying something because she’s been writing for several years.

Anyway, at the moment I’m up to 33k words and moving along nicely. Right now I’m not too concerned with the little mistakes like missing words, or bad grammar, but I looking at the content of the story. Do I sustain the conflict throughtout the whole entire book. Is the ending satisfying to me and most importantly will it be to the potential reader.
Also I’m looking for any forced scenes where the writing seems stiffled. Does every scene has a reason for being there or was I just trying to write through a writer’s block? After editing up to the seventh chapter I think the book’s pace is good. The major problem is when I start to introduce the main conflict of the story. The heroine is no slouch but has a dark secret, (Neil is her name.) and the hero (Gib) is a serial careerist.

He’s been a stockbroker, a chef, and a reporter. The most steady job he’s had is being a little league coach that he doesn’t get paid to be. I love these characters quirkiness, but their ability to change who they are for the better is the reason why I’m sticking with this story. Now if I can only find the times I change the tense. (do vs. did) I’ll give this story a chance to eventually be sold.


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