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Since Satursday are the most precious days to me, I always consider them my lazy days. There are deemed lazy because I don’t have to get up at by 6:30 or else. A morning person would be the last person I’ll ever be and to me any time before 10:30 is a godawful hour to be up at.

So I’ll stare at my ceiling for fours since I still wake up 6 a.m. but I refuse to move until either my kids rampage my room letting me now they are starving and will die from starvation if they don’t get something to eat right that moment. Usually I’m lucky and they sleep in to about 9 because they to are not morning people. Genetics is an amazing thing. Parenting is nothing but passing on habits and rituals. Ex. I have to wake my daughter up for school the same way I was woken up.
So you ask what will I do today? Go to the local library to print out my book so I can start the dreaded editing phase. Wash and vaccum out my car since the last time was over a month ago. Comb and brush my daughter’s hair and then take a vary long nap because unlike the rest of my week doing those task is nOthing like the my usual to do list.

Yesterday I had to wash 10 loads of clothes, pay my phone bill in the poring rain, pick up my son from his grandmother’s house, and I rewrote the first and last chapter of my book. Not mention I didn’t have to go to school yesterday.

Aah, I love my lazy days.


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