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I am now certain I am destined to be a writer. I started my internship with the County and it’s a boring job, but it is the most tedious. I have the skills and technical know how to make it, but I don’t know if I won’t feel the need to throw a chair at the window and jump 15 stories down to my death just to escape the monitny.

But I’ll do it until I’m the best at it and making very good money and have a mid-life crisis at thrity and sell all my belongings to write in Florida. Poetic. Ta-Ta for now. (for the ones where my sense of humor went over their heads, I was joking)


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Sometime last year in one of my writing spurts I came up with a book idea. It’s about infidelity, murder, and rectifying the past so that a family can come back together. This book scares the bejebus out of me.

For me I don’t just have ideas I have opening scenes. Most of the time when I think of another story I write out the first chapter and that to me is the seed that will sprout a book. The opening scene for this particular book was a man burying a body.

After I was done writing it I was chilled to the bone because I had to step into this man shoes. I had to think of his rationale, but this scene is so important because it’s the catalyst for the future. But it’s the magnitude of the story that scares me. Am I a good enough writer yet to tackle this type of story where the hero and heroine story of course is most important, but the secondary characters come with their own problems that need to be resolved and everything is intertwined in such a way that even I, a panster (type of writer that just writes, no outlining, no nothing) has to write down who is doing what, when, and why.

I think what scares me so much about this story is that the plot, the subplot, and characters are so strong that I’m worried that in my ignorance I’ll screw it up. This particular book feels so much bigger than me in a way like the words that need to be written aren’t coming from me but through me.

It’s a strange feeling to have. But I guess that’s what being a writer is, letting the story tell itself. Becoming a writer should have really come with a forewarning label. AT TIMES YOU WILL BE WEIRDED OUT. Ta-Ta for now.

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I’m a college student at Fresno City College. I love that school. It gives so many people who stop going to school for whatever reason to come back and make it so easy for them to not feel like outsiders. Where usually if you are over the age of 25 you are too old to be in school.

Anyway, I’m straying from my point, yesterday I went to go take a placement test. Up until now all the classes I wanted to take I didn’t have to have English 1 which is state university or university level english. Well now I’ve been bombarded by that wall. It’s like the hill you have to get over before you can do anything worthwhile as far as education goes.

So I go into the testing center, nervous, thinking of the worst possible things to happen. Since I’ve already taken the test previously I was dreading doing worst than I had before. But I didn’t and I’m proud of myself. I can officially take English 1A with no qualms. As to my intership, hopefully I’ll be starting sometime next week. Ta-Ta for now.

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I was on the eharlequin site which is my life blood. I never go a day without checking out the Write Stuff link on the site.

Today I was just lurking (it’s like internet stalking but less creepy and legal) and I read a quote that in gist asked the last time you really kissed your significant other. Like most things that give me pause it got me to thinking–when was the last time I’ve been kissed. Not the quick peck or the one when your lips touch for at least five seconds and if you’re lucky you get some tongue. But a kiss that you just fall into. Not making out, but more than that. The kind of kiss that last so long it starts to feel like your lips are fused with the other person’s yet it just feels so right that way. One of those kisses that lead to great sex or just put some color in your cheeks and you just feel like you’ve melted into a puddle hmm, hmm good.

I haven’t had one of those kisses in years. That’s probably why I feel much older than my 20 years of life. I need one of those kisses. And no those type of kisses don’t just exist in romance novels. I’ve had one before. I’ve had a lot of those kinds before….sorry was thinking of the last time I had one. *sighs* Well I’m going to pass on the advice of the person who wrote it and the next time you see your significant other give them one of these kisses.

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Such good news. I got the position to intern at my local Child Support office. I was nervous for no reason. The two people who interviewed me were very laid back and just wanted to know what I wanted to get out of the experience.

Besides being a writer I aspire to be a paralegal, but before I make the huge committment to finish my schooling in that area I wanted to get a taste of what my duties would be. I was informed that the work would be mundane. I was disappointed but then again I still have to decide for myself. Also I think my night life as a writer should keep me on my toes.

I’ll probably be starting some time next week because they have to do background checks and all that good stuff.(bad for people who are running from the law) If later I feel better than I do now. ( I don’t know I think I’ve caught a stomach bug) I’ll do some more editing on my book. Well, Ta-Ta for now.

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Melissa on INTERNING

This afternoon I am to go to my local Child Supportive Service office and do an interview for my internship. For the past six months I’ve been going to school to get a Certificate of Completion in a Business Office Assistant program. Hate to toot my own horn but I’ve been doing a damn good job. Last semester I received a gpa of 3.8. Not a small feat being that the semester before that I wasn’t doing so good.

So it wouold be a safe to say that I’m nervous as hell. Even though it’s an intership they don’t have to take me. And if I screw up on the interview they may not see the drive or potential I have as a good worker. Before April 28 I have to complete 180 hours which doesn’t help my nerves any. I have absolutely no idea what they do or the type of work an intern will do for them. So now I have to search the net and at least look at their mission statement. WISH ME LUCK.

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My current WIP (Work in Progress), is doing so well. Last night I added another scene that was needed to add on to the conflict and to bring my characters closer. It amazes me how easy it is to write this particular book.
Given I’m a little more experienced and waited to edit after I I wrote the first draft of the book instead of rewriting the same chapter for a week.

The first chapter was written from a writing spurt. An idea comes out of nowhere–mainly for me it’s a character shouting to be written–and then my fingers are flying over the keys almost like they are possessed. It’s an amazing feeling. Even my Critique Partner likes the book which is saying something because she’s been writing for several years.

Anyway, at the moment I’m up to 33k words and moving along nicely. Right now I’m not too concerned with the little mistakes like missing words, or bad grammar, but I looking at the content of the story. Do I sustain the conflict throughtout the whole entire book. Is the ending satisfying to me and most importantly will it be to the potential reader.
Also I’m looking for any forced scenes where the writing seems stiffled. Does every scene has a reason for being there or was I just trying to write through a writer’s block? After editing up to the seventh chapter I think the book’s pace is good. The major problem is when I start to introduce the main conflict of the story. The heroine is no slouch but has a dark secret, (Neil is her name.) and the hero (Gib) is a serial careerist.

He’s been a stockbroker, a chef, and a reporter. The most steady job he’s had is being a little league coach that he doesn’t get paid to be. I love these characters quirkiness, but their ability to change who they are for the better is the reason why I’m sticking with this story. Now if I can only find the times I change the tense. (do vs. did) I’ll give this story a chance to eventually be sold.

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