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I am Worthy Simply because I AM

I finally heard something that put a fire under me to blog. I have two favorite celebrities in this world. One is Nora Roberts. I won’t lie and say I loved every book she’s ever written but more than likely I have read all her books because I enjoy them. They make me dream about what love is like when it’s healthy and stable. I can mentally see the worlds she creates, the communities the families and I want to be apart of it because it’s what the BIG PICTURE is about.

And then there is Oprah. This may sound pathetic but if I can find a job that let’s me off at 3:30 just so I can be home by 4:00 then I don’t think I would ever quit or try to find better employment. To me that would be just a good if not better than health benefits. I love what her shows do for the world and her ability to change for the better. No one is perfect but she wants everybody to strive to be the best person they can be. That to me is the epitome of what being a human being means. She’s the reason why I’m a writer today. I’ll get into that with another post but for now I ‘m going to talk about what the doctor on her show said today.

I caught the last ten minutes of the show which was a letdown for me but I guess it was about women who were relationship/sex aholics. One woman said she only felt “validated” when she was in a relationship with a man. I don’t feel whole or worthy type of thing. Her words hit me square in the chest. I know I can live without a man in my life but if I had a choice…. But that’s not what gave me my light bulb moment. It was when the phychiatrist said that all women have to start believing and saying to themselves,


That deserves it’s own line. Honestly as humans we forget that. We do it in every day things or at least us caged birds do. We forget it when we are in relationships with our significant other, or family, or children or even when we don’t say anything when some cuts us in the in line at the grocery store. We are worthy to be loved, to be enjoyed, laughed with, to be cherished as friends, as a brother or sister, just as a breathing living individual. We are worthy of all things that are good. Like chocolate and a good foot massage. Or to be told we are beautiful even if we have buck teeth and a lazy eye. I’m going to make this my mantra until I believe it and it shows in everything I do.


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Okay, when I thought of the name for my blog I just typed the first thing that came into my mind but it completely describes who I am.

Certain things for me are straight down the line. What should happen to child molesters and rapist is strictly black and white in my mind. What I feel about the war in Iraq, my pants size, and marriage falls into the gray area.

On any given day I can be for it or against, disgusted by the thought, or wanting the happily ever after written so often in the romance novels I love.

Catch me in the right mood and every thought and feeling I have is in the gray area of philosophy. How I feel about my son’s father usually always falls into this abyss. How I feel about myself jumps between all three. I could even use the colors to describe myself. I’m black in color, pale in other spots and many blacks (gray areas that I sometimes wished didn’t exist.) Enough with that I know must go research and look at other blogs (my competition) Tomorrow I might have something more interesting to yap about but for now ta-ta.

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hello this is my first blog ever. For the past few months I wanted to start my own blog but didn’t have any idea what I would ramble about.

So I guess I’ll start off with introducing myself. My name is Melissa. I’m on a fast slope to my 21st birthday and in terms of being honest I use to be a size 6 but no longer.

As of 1:20 I’ve yet to have a light blub moment for the day and being my first time this blog will be awkward and later when I read over it again I just might experience some pain.

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