I Haz A Purrty…

New website:


And, that means my new blog is now there. I know. I made you guys move with me all those months ago when I discovered WordPress. But, it’s worth it. I also promise this will be the last time.

But, seriously go check it out. Iz purrty.


May 11, 2009 at 5:39 am 3 comments

Since I Never Get You a Card


I’m sure you won’t be shocked to know this is my mother. Since, you know, we look nothing alike.

Anyway, she had plenty of opportunities to leave me on the side of the road. No jury would have convicted her. Let’s not talk about the time I flicked a tear at her during my teenage nightmare years.

But, she didn’t. She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders. She understands my writing and how it’s important to me. I can’t count how many times she’s talked me off the ledge. Nor does she preen when I apologize for any past behavior when her grandchildren are driving me insane.

I’m proud to say she’s my mother. Don’t have any guilt when I tell people they can borrow her, but know they cannot have her she’s mine.

And, yes, this is the only blog post you can read. Do not scroll down and dally.

I love you, Mom. You should know this to be true, cause I’m doing this in public. 😉

Lastly, Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10, 2009 at 5:25 pm 3 comments

Falling Off the Face of The Earth

No, I’m not dead.

Though I’m starting to think it might be more efficient, more humane than studying for finals and perfecting my closing arguments.

Now, when I remember simple things like my name, where I am, or even stop drooling, I’ll be back to really blog.

May 7, 2009 at 7:50 am 2 comments

Questions I Don’t Know the Answer To

Are the ones that interest me the most. They are the ones I spend the most time trying to answer. * Yes, I was the child in Sunday school every teacher hates to have. *

When have you gone passed the point of being able to redeem yourself or your actions?

Are some things unforgiveable?

Can beliefs go too far?

What is normal?

What is love?

What is family?

I’m drawn to the grays area between yes and no. It’s why I’m drawn to the law. It’s why I write. I want my answers. I want to write books where people disagree with my answers, and a dialogue is open. I want to know the boundaries of those gray areas.

But the big question is does that make me different? Do other writers just write a story that comes to mind without ever answering a gray area question for themselves?

Some would say no. Their stories have no reflection on who they are or their beliefs. The worlds and characters they build are fictional. And just that.

Some would say does a bear crap in the woods? Okay, maybe not that, but something like it.

And, then again I’m drawn to that gray area. Are certain stories in a writer’s life the gray area they are trying to find their way through and some, just fictional?

How do you answer? (more…)

April 30, 2009 at 8:27 am 10 comments

Is it May Yet?

This has been the longest four months of my life and I truly don’t know what I’ve been doing all this time. It has passed by in a blur grouped together with momets of panic/anxiety and short lived relief.

And, now it’s down to three weeks that will make or break me. I’m wrapped in a pretzel with everything crossed, praying I’ll pass all my classes and never have to set foot in a classroom again. Everything is too fuzzy for me to say, this is what I’ve learned. Truly, I just want it to be over.

The light at the end of the tunnel is dim. And, I’m sure I’ll be staring at it soon and not know what the hell it is. So, I believe it’s true that a higher education can cause Post Traumatic Syndrome.

Anyway, cross your fingers with me.

April 28, 2009 at 5:02 pm 7 comments

Guilty Pleasures

Things we enjoy and those same things we really shouldn’t. For some it’s Maury, “You are not the Father!” or Jerry Springer. It could be soap operas. Or Family Guy.

This got me thinking about my hero. He’s straight-laced. All business. The type to pick lint off his suit, and flick it like it just insulted him. If I kept him this way, no one would like him. He seemed more like a robot than a human. In a sense he is. He wants to appear like he has no weaknesses. So, being the mean writer I am, I gave him a guilty pleasure. One that was inspired from real life.

My hero has a thing for infomericals. With one of the pranks Lynne will play on him, he’ll cave and order items he doesn’t really need. I’m thinking tupperware. Maybe even a ShamWOW. *prostitutes not included*

So, confess to Dr. Blue, and tell me some of your guilty pleasures. Or some of your characters.

Oh, what is mine? I want this to be a ringtone. And, I know who would get it.

April 24, 2009 at 5:11 pm 6 comments

Excuse Me But Your Snark Is Showing


I need to start off by saying I loathe blanket statements. I hate rules in general, but they definitely serve a purpose. I try to avoid giving advice because it often crosses the line into blanket statements without eWoman holding typewriter.ver considering exceptions.

But, lately, the tension in the publishing world has made me uncomfortable. A lot of blanket statements have been thrown around. Some I agree with, be ‘professional’. Some, um, no, “never air your dirty laundry, it’s unprofessional”. For me it depends on the dirty laundry.

This of course is just my opinion, but telling authors to shut their whining trap feels a little too much like telling a victim of rape to get over it. The example may seem overblown, but I think not for what I’ve seen going on. Blanket statements that everyone who participated in #agentfail *or queryfail/queryday* are unprofessional.

Um, no.

That blanket statement included people who had agents that should have been reported to AAR. But since that wide net was cast someone who didn’t read the comments will take that advice and run with it. Not only that, but you’ve just told someone who was in fact treated horridly by an agent–You should have done something better with your time than to complain. Or when some pointed fingers and sneer at agents/editors for blogging, tweeting, or anything other activity that doesn’t involve being chained to a desk finding the great American Novelist.

Excuse me, but your snark is showing.

Blanket statements that holding certain agents/editors to the same standard of professionalism that writers adhere to is ridiculous. Um, no. See the problem is when someone issues this blanket statement you’ve included agents who write their rejection on the query the author sent. You’ve included unacceptable behavior witnessed at conferences. Or any sort of behavior that would start an industry kerfuffle if it wasn’t agent/editor but an author.

Now let’s include blanket statements that agents/editors are ruining publishing one sale at a time…Um, no. Some agents represent authors that write marketable novels. Just like some, and those might include agents in the former statement, represent authors and/or books they believe in. Some people should understand editors buy those novels for their publishers. And, the thing that is forgotten in blanket statements–publishers buy books based on where the readers (might and usually will) put their dollars.
Now, I do agree there are places and times to air grievances. There is a line one should never cross, but to say, in a blanket sort of matter, that there is never a time or place and the line starts the moment you have anything negative to say…Um, NO!

Overall, what I’m finding truly uncomfortable in this climate is that some are drawing lines in the sand. Definitely their prerogative, but the way I see it authors need agents and publishers. *some may disagree with the needing agents, but sooner or later you might need one* Agents need authors and publishers. Publishers need authors and agents. There is no way to cut out the middleman ’cause there is no middleman. I’m not saying play nice. Too much PC makes it hard for honesty to ever see the light of day.

How about not casting a net? How about specifics? How about we just go out for drinks ‘cause the economy isn’t getting any better internetaddictionand our tempers are getting shorter and for goodness sakes, why can’t we all just get along. Or step away from the computer for a while.

Okay, really, how about a little less snark *for those blanket statement lovers*.

Yeah, me, saying a little less snark, things have to be bad.

April 22, 2009 at 6:02 pm 5 comments

Why Did I have to Open Pandora’s Box?

My mother once told me, “There are things that you really don’t have to know.”

Did I listen when I wanted to know my themes? No, I just kept digging until I knew. And that same “why” is wanting to know “why” those themes. Too bad I can’t plug my brain to make the thoughts stop.

But…my psyche whispers back the answers.

Are there things you didn’t want to know about yourself? (HeeHee, I’m infecting you.)

April 21, 2009 at 2:01 am 3 comments

What I Did Today

Feels like the good ol days of complete insanity.

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I Want to be Loribelle Hunt When I Grow Up

As usual I’m angsting on the phone about my writing career to this fabulous woman. I have a not so secret crush on her and her Georgian accent. I soooo want to be southern after talking to her. It’s kind of pitifull.

Anyway, she asked me what are my books about. I couldn’t answer. Never really thought of my stories being about something outside of boy meets girl. The purpose is to get over myself so I can write in other genres if I wanted to, because no matter the window dressing (genre or sub-genre) authors retell the same stories.

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